Therapy for Couples

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While the great majority of couples begin their relationship with seemingly boundless love, excitement and anticipation for the future, their union doesn’t always continue happily ever after. Sometimes couples disagree about how to raise their children, or they may have problems with finances. If resentment builds up, even small issues can escalate into long arguments. When that happens, one or both individuals may withdraw from the relationship.


If your relationship is in jeopardy, couples therapy can provide a safe environment for you and your significant other to make sense of what's going on. If you're having trouble communicating with each other, your therapist can help you really talk with and listen to each other so that you can come to a new level of understanding. 


Our couples therapists can work with you to help you reclaim and deepen your relationship. Or, if ending the relationship is what you seek, we can help you end it amicably and respectfully.


We work with heterosexual and LGBT couples.


Some concerns our couples therapists can help you address:

  • Communication issues between you and your partner
  • Financial concerns
  • Concerns about raising your children
  • Concerns regarding in-laws and other family members
  • Conflict resolution or conflict avoidance
  • Learning how to deal more effectively with negative emotions (anger, fear, resentment)
  • Infidelity issues

If you are wondering if couples therapy might be helpful for you, please call us. We look forward to talking with you.