Our Secure Client Portal

For your convenience, Core Insights has a secure Client Portal for our existing clients. The Client Portal allows you to view and manage your upcoming appointments, and give you access to your documents and billing information. You are also able to view and securely pay any outstanding balances. We are glad that we are able to offer this access to our clients.


Please click the button below to be taken to our secure Client Portal:

                                   What an amazing journey to embark upon...

                                    to claim and reclaim our own voices

                                    to listen deeply to each other's truths

                                    to engage in ways that we can expand our truths

                                    to be able to see what we cannot see alone

                                    to be able to feel that which we cannot feel alone

                                    to be able to do that which we cannot do alone

                                    to be able to heal that which we cannot heal alone

                                        - Ratnesh Nagda