About Core Insights Psychological Group

Core Insights Psychological Group is a diverse group of compassionate therapists who provide high quality, affordable therapy and accept health insurance. We provide a wide range of therapy techniques so that you can receive the type of support that works best for you. Our ultimate goal is that everyone who seeks out our practice finds more peace of mind as a result of our work together. Our therapists are located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.


We welcome health insurance, where many other mental health professionals don’t, so that every individual can receive the mental health care they need. We know that working with insurance companies can be challenging. We’ll make your experience as efficient and hassle-free as we can. We believe that you shouldn't be thinking about your insurance. Instead, you should be taking positive steps toward improving your life.


We celebrate diversity, transparency and accessibility

Dr. Gregory Gayle founded Core Insights in 2016 because he saw the need to serve more people through their insurance providers. When Dr. Gayle started his private practice, he found that most of the people who contacted him wanted to use insurance to cover their visits. After signing up with multiple insurance companies, his practice quickly filled-up. In addition, he found that his clientele was diverse because the service he provided was more affordable to them. He was inspired to found Core Insights Psychological Group and invite other passionate psychologists to join, so that, together, they can provide quality, affordable mental health care to as many clients as possible. 



For Therapists

For the therapists in our practice, we provide assistance with credentialing and billing. We also offer an engaged community of other therapists for consultation, networking and business management support. You can find more information here.