Dr. Norval Hickman, III


Life brings unexpected challenges and we are not always aware of the tools that will help us navigate through difficult times. A therapist empowers, walks with you through the healing process, guides in a particular direction when appropriate, and ultimately supports you along your own unique life path.


When working with clients in therapy, I believe it is important to have an open-mind and create a safe space for all issues to be discussed.  I realize that seeing a therapist takes courage and expectations for progress in therapy are different for each person. I spend time learning about issues and problems that sparked your decision to see a therapist and work with you to identify your goals, expectations, and positive outcomes for therapy. I strive to meet clients where they are and develop a therapeutic process that encourages mental wellness and self-understanding.


I have experience working with individual clients, couples, families, and youth in outpatient and inpatient mental health settings. I have held individual and group therapy sessions to address emotional and relationship issues, anxiety and stress management, mood disorders, post-traumatic stress symptoms, recovery from substance use, weight management and smoking cessation, chronic pain, and life changes after spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury.


My foundational training is in Clinical Health Psychology and I’m well-grounded in the theory and practice of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Humanistic Psychology, and Social Learning Theory. I also have expertise in Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindfulness-based strategies for stress and anxiety reduction, sleep hygiene, and Ericksonian hypnotherapy to address many different issues.  I believe a person’s environment (where they work, live, and socialize) brings an important perspective to issues in therapy. I bring a lens and openness to discuss multicultural and other diversity issues, including gender and sexuality diversity as well as non-traditional romantic relationships or partnerships.


Through a compassionate therapeutic process, I hope to empower you to resolve burdening issues and provide relevant resources and tools that are helpful as you continue on your journey of life during and after therapy.