Dr. Gregory Gayle


I believe that each person’s experiences are unique to themselves, and that there isn’t just one way to help someone find a good balance of mental health. What may be helpful for one individual or family, may not necessarily be helpful to you.


Being a psychologist is my second career. My first was as an elementary school teacher. When I was an elementary school teacher, I observed that the mental health of the students that I taught greatly affected their ability to learn. That was my catalyst to become a psychologist. Through my past and present experiences, I am convinced that positive mental health is the foundation for success for people of all ages. I believe that we all do the very best that we can, at any given moment. It is with this thought in mind, along with compassionate listening and active questioning that I assist my clients with the challenges they face.


I earned my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley. I hold a Masters degree in Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati and am a licensed teacher in California. I provide therapeutic interventions utilizing Existential/Humanistic Therapy, as well as drawing from, but not limited to: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Family Systems and Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques. I also consider the impact that physiological, psychosocial and multicultural factors have on mental health.

Before I became licensed as a psychologist, I worked as a family therapist with the Center for Family Counseling in East Oakland. I completed my Postdoctoral Fellowship with Highland Hospital while, at the same time, working as a Psychological Assistant to Paul T. Guillory, Ph.D. & Associates in Oakland. I completed my Predoctoral internship at AgeSong Institute, an assisted living community for elders. I have also provided psychotherapy for clients at Marin Health and Human Services (Child and Family Services), the Berkeley CBT Clinic, and the Wright Institute Clinic.

I enjoy providing compassionate care to my clients. It is always my goal to offer each individual helpful, useful tools and skills that they can use outside of the therapy room. It is my hope that the positive changes gained from our sessions together will continue for you long after therapy with me has ended.


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