Mark Ruiz, m.a.

To undertake the quest for self-knowledge, self-awareness and self-fulfillment will be one of the hardest, most frustrating things someone can do. Implicit within that quest, however, is the investment in themselves, which is the most significant and necessary decisions someone can make.


I believe that therapy can be a significant journey of ups, downs, struggle and discovery. It takes courage to willingly step into a therapist’s office to speak with someone about the most challenging aspects of one’s life. Within that therapy space, however, lies the opportunity for immense growth and change. Therefore, I believe it is our responsibility as therapists to serve as support for each person while they determine how to best live their lives in the moment and in the future.


I am currently a graduate student in pursuit of my psychology doctorate degree at the Wright Institute of Psychology. I have experience working with developmentally delayed adults in the community, early to late adolescents in schools, adults in community mental health clinics, and university students in college counseling centers. I have worked with both individuals and groups to teach practical coping skills in response to stress, chronic pain and other dysregulating emotions. I have experience with attachment style therapies, cognitive-behavioral therapies (including DBT), mindfulness-based stress reduction, and relational therapy.


It is my goal to work with clients to determine their reasons for coming to see me. Based on this, I hope to collaborate and create a plan to alleviate potential suffering and strive towards a more fulfilling life. Whether clients need a space to explore their minds or a starting point for change, I look forward to helping others achieve what they aspire to.