Yani Chu-takyi, Psy.D.

Therapy is a radically courageous act. Through exploring and deepening your understanding of your past and present, you can give yourself the permission and develop the fortitude to heal patterns that may have lasted generations and move towards a life that most thoroughly honors your strengths and values. Your ghosts become ancestors, your discomfort becomes your guide, and your intuition becomes wisdom.


I believe that it is my role to understand your complexity and to help you honor it – to be curious about it. Together we collaborate to recognize and release the most wounded parts of you and to make room for the most resilient parts of yourself, within a compassionate, creative, and encouraging space.


I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. My experience has been grounded in both inpatient and outpatient settings focused on past and ongoing trauma, life transitions, addiction, identity development, complex mental diagnoses, racial trauma, and coping with societal injustices. I’ve practiced psychotherapy within a county jail, a community mental health and addiction clinic, a psychiatric crisis hospital, a forensic diversion program for offenders with severe mental illness, San Quentin’s psychodynamic therapy program, and now, within private practice. I work from an integrative perspective that incorporates a range of modalities including psychodynamic, existential, narrative, cognitive behavioral, and somatic therapies, all informed by trauma recovery processes and multicultural complexity. I seek to honor the impact of your unique psychological, physical, and external environment on your well-being. I celebrate and honor diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds, and enthusiastically welcome clients of all gender identities and sexual orientations.


I love the work of building a warm space for self-exploration for those who are bravely seeking to understand painful parts of themselves and working towards shaping a meaningful life. I invite you to join me in exploring the parts of you that have previously felt frightening or marginalized by either yourself or by others. As Angela Davis states, “radical simply means grasping things at the root.” Again, therapy is a radical act. Through our shared curiosity, we can look for and grasp the roots of current unhelpful patterns and sources of pain. Together we can unearth your inner resources of insight, resilience, and joy.