Dr. katey nicolai

I believe the healing power of therapy is helping clients find the answers and solutions already hidden within them.  Through our therapeutic bond, I hope to help you find your strength, and that these answers lead you to lifelong personal wellness and healthy relationships.


Therapy should be both practical and authentically personal.  I’ve found that most people seek therapy to solve a specific problem, and we usually start by focusing on this.  However, I’ve also found that most people leave therapy citing their connection with their therapist as being the most transformative and important element of their treatment.  I think these are complementary goals, and I hope to combine practical problem-solving with an authentic personal connection to help you find your happiest life.


Growing up in a military family taught me that strength and resilience come in many forms.  Living in over a dozen places in the U.S. and internationally taught me to adapt to new environments quickly, including forming connections with others.  During my undergraduate education, I realized my passion for understanding the human experience could be turned into a career providing therapy.  Now it is my goal to help my clients find their own strength and resilience, and, through the therapeutic connection, achieve a greater understanding of themselves and relationships.


I received my doctorate from Seattle Pacific University, and completed training at the University of Washington Counseling Center and the University of San Francisco Counseling and Psychological Services.  I have since worked USF CAPS, and am currently working as a mentor to doctoral students at the Wright Institute in Berkeley.  I specialize in treating individuals with histories of trauma and PTSD, individuals with personality disorders, family conflict, depression, and anxiety.  Therapeutically, I utilize techniques from cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapies, and draw heavily from dialectical behavior therapy, family systems therapies, and feminist therapies.


 My goal is to collaborate with each client to form a treatment plan tailored to their unique needs, with a focus on both present symptom reduction and long-term change.  In essence, I want to help you feel better now, and keep feeling better later.  I look forward to joining you in the practical and personal work of therapy, in pursuit of genuine happiness and fulfillment.