Danielle howell, psy.d.


Each of us has a powerful and uniquely complex story, and healing looks different for everyone. Therapy can be a space for us to understand our stories, make new meanings, and write new chapters in our lives.


I believe that therapy can be a space for many things: a space to heal our wounds, a space to repair and grow our relationships with others and with ourselves, and a space in which we can work towards living more fulfilling lives. I believe in the power of healing through connection and community and am an avid supporter of play and imagination. Therapy is a deeply personal process, and I believe in working collaboratively with my clients to undertake the journey together.


I am a graduate student earning my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at The Wright Institute. I have experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, and families, and have trained in community mental health clinics, public schools, university campuses, and the juvenile legal system. I have worked with individuals, groups, and families who are dealing with depression, anxiety, complex trauma, stress, and substance use. I work primarily from a multicultural, social justice, and relational therapy orientation, but often utilize mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapies such as DBT.


My hope for my clients is that they foster greater self-compassion and gain the tools to live a life of inner harmony. Within the therapeutic process, I hope to work with you to create a path towards healing, growth, and a richer and more powerful life.